Don’t be easy too promise

Don’t easily promise someone if you can’t do it. Although we promise to be able to carry it out, but be careful with promises because it will make us burdened and sorry at the end of the story.Whether it’s about any promise. Promise is an attitude that someone does to convince others because of something or problem. In promising we must know the rules of the game, do not ever promise arbitrarily not thinking about the causes that will be caused. This promise in utterance is indeed trivial but when it will carry out it will feel heavy and know the true content about the promise.

Don’t be easy to promise under any circumstances. Usually promises will be spoken when joking with friends, especially when fighting arguments that do not want to be defeated.Promises cannot be made fun even though we make promises just joking, but we have applied as a pledge that must be done and nadzar with God.

We take the example of the problem of today’s teenagers, namely about love relationships.When in that relationship do not always promise about any activities that we usually do with our partners. Like meeting, giving items or something valuable for a partner. We should immediately implement and prove in front of our partners not only a promise so that it is not burdened and not mindless. What we have to underline is that we never promise to give hope to our partner about the seriousness of the relationship by marrying him. Because God’s destiny we don’t know. We may promise by giving hope, but there must be an agreement in advance with our partner so that later it will not be a violation and punishment. Therefore, do not underestimate the promise before there is evidence.

If we have already promised but we are hard to keep and carry it out, then the result will be a reply from our friends as hated, unreliable and will be distanced so that we become despicable and hypocritical in their eyes. In addition, we will also get a reply from God because we have violated it. Promises are nadzar, so they must be carried out. Therefore, be careful in promising.

There are several consequences if we are easy to promise and cannot fulfill and implement it, including:

– Being a person who can’t be trusted.

– Shunned with friends and society.

– Every act and speech will not be ignored just mere nonsense.

– Isolated and despicable.

– classified as an infidel with the characteristic of being hypocritical.

– Life will be burdened.

– A feeling of regret.

– Grow a sense of fear that haunts yourself and life.

In this case, usually if it promises it cannot be fulfilled many obstacles and obstacles that will exist in life because it has been a reward from God’s wrath. We can also experience discontinuity in life. As confused as going forward, you cannot direct yourself because you are haunted by fear and regret over the pledges that have been raised.

In addition, it promises to give a bad side to every journey of our lives. Impacts arising from oneself and especially from the community who have judged us as bad and despicable people.Society will not support what we do and always look negative. Once again, Anime girl

Don’t be easy to promise!

… because the promise is the handle of one’s life and will require someone to do it. ��I��/

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