Time-Sharing Tricks

Time is a boom of seconds that accompanies our lives to what depends on the effort made. With time we can live a life by working and learning. With time we can also divide between play and work and interact socially with the surrounding community and the public. Time is an important key that will make us in the future a great and successful person.

Great people and success are people who can subordinate and divide the time wisely and as best as possible. They can share the time to run the business and work they are in. It is one of the mirrors that we must emulate and apply in life. We can take lessons and imitate the history that they carve out how to become great and successful people.We are the same as they are ordinary people, but only the level and time points that put us and they are different. We can depend on it for all we can divide time or not.

There are accurate ways to divide the time so that it is not neglected in our lives, including:

  • Intention to carry out and share the best time in our daily lives.
  • Write activities or daily schedules so that they are easy to remember and discipline in carrying out them.
  • Run a job that makes us earn income and develop abilities and become our good habits.
  • Develop our abilities and hobbies to support our work in order to become our side and entertainment.
  • Live continuously with the process after the process we passed.
  • Eliminate bad habits that hinder and waste our time in vain.¬†Every now and then for entertainment it’s okay but not too often.


Indeed, in terms of dividing the time it is difficult to easily depend we can explore and understand our lives for what and how in the present and future. Do not carve time with good activities but it is useless because it will mushroom and become a habit that is difficult to remove. Wisdom divides time so that all work and activities will not be wasted and neglected in vain.

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