Tips for Avoiding Old Eye Disorders in Front of the Computer

When you are working or doing activities with a computer or laptop, your eyes are porous to do heavy tasks which if done continuously will cause fatigue, not even those who are active in the computer are vulnerable in 3 hours or more every day complaining of eye disorders such as: sore, dry eyes feel burning. This is an early symptom of eye disorders that has been cited by health experts with Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS), CVS occurs due to abnormal eye activity, such as eyes that are normally flashing 21 times / minute, but when in front of a computer monitor it can drop dramatically to 7-4 times / minute, the eye muscles work hard to accommodate and converge (works in total), especially if it is aggravated by a low monitor refresh rate (less than 75 Hz), to avoid this CVS, consider a few tricks and tips below:

1. Reduce Monitor Screen Radiation

  Choose a monitor that has a low radiation (Liquid Crystal Display) , or if not, you can install a filter that can block direct eye contact with the monitor screen, or if you prefer to use glasses with a special lens for a computer, it’s better, but try choosing contact lenses that are capable of transmitting more oxygen to the eye, such as lenses made from silicon hydrogel .

2. Position the Monitor Screen Well

  We recommend that the monitor screen be positioned lower, which is about + 10-20 cm lower than your eyes, if it is too high, it will speed up the evaporation of your eyes which triggers dry and sore eyes, in addition it will risk your neck and shoulders.

3. Color Lighting

  To lighten the eye burden, adjust the lighting of your monitor not to be too bright, but not too opaque. Adjust your sitting position, try to keep the monitor light directly into your eyes.

4. Rest If Tired

  Vulnerable time recommended by experts is 20-20-20-20, which is after 20 minutes or more activities in front of the screen try to rest 20 minutes by looking at objects that are 20 feet ( + 6 meters), accompanied by blinking eyes as much as + 20 times.

5. Gently massage the eyes

  Another trick that health experts recommend when you feel fatigue in the eye after doing activities with a computer in a vulnerable time is to do a gentle massage on your eyelids to help your eyes relax, do it slowly and gently for about 10-20 seconds, it can also be accompanied by a light massage on the area of ​​your forehead.

6. Fruit Cucumber   Don’t get me wrong! Cucumber fruit is also good for tired eyes, after a day of work in front of the monitor screen, both eyeballs need to be relaxed, cucumber fruit is the right choice, lie down relaxed and stick cucumber on your eyelids for about 5-7 minutes this is proven to restore freshness to your eyes.

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