Tips for Maintaining Eye Health

There is no greater pleasure after faith than body health and perfection of body organs, especially the five senses. The eye is one of the five senses possessed by humans. The eye is a window for us to see the world and all its contents. Without eyes, there is only darkness. Therefore, maintaining good eye health is a necessity that cannot be negotiated.

Healthy favors sometimes float. When we are healthy, we often forget to maintain and care for our overall body health, including eye health. This can be seen from bad habits that damage health that we often forget. Like rubbing your eyes too often, reading too close, and so on. These habits should be avoided so as not to damage the eyes. Anime girl

The question is what can we do to maintain eye health? Well, in this article will share some tips for maintaining eye health, namely:

Check Eyes Regularly

Checking your eyes regularly is important to detect the possibility of visual disturbances as early as possible. Because, the earlier symptoms of eye health disorders are known, the treatment efforts will be even easier to do. Ideally, eye examinations are routinely carried out every 2 years for adults. Meanwhile, for children and the elderly, it should be done once a year.

Note Some of the Following Things When Reading

Do you like to read? That’s a very good hobby. But you still need to pay attention to eye health. Reading activities require the eyes to work more extra, because they have to observe letter after letter in writing that is relatively small. There are several things to consider when reading to maintain eye health, namely:

  • Make sure the distance between the eyes and the writing you are reading is not too close and not too far away. Place the book you read in a comfortable position while reading. Minimum writing distance and eyes are approximately 30 cm.
  • Use adequate lighting when reading.
  • Avoid reading in a dazzling place.
  • Avoid reading in a lying position or face down. It’s best to read while sitting with your back straight.

Rest your eyes with enough

The eyes will get tired and dry quickly if forced to focus too long. Especially if you see objects with lighting intensity too high. For example when reading, writing, sewing, using a monitor, seeing distant objects and the like. Now, so that your eyes don’t get tired and dry quickly, make sure you give your eyes a chance to take a short break. Divert your views from the observed object. Give your eyes the opportunity to see objects that are far and near alternately to restore the flexibility of the eye muscles.

Use Protective Glasses

Protective glasses serve to protect the eyes from extreme environmental influences. Like dazzling light, dust, water, chemicals and other things that can endanger eye health. If the activities you are doing are vulnerable to these things, you should use protective goggles. Some activities that might require protective glasses are for example:

  • Working in front of the monitor is too long
  • Working with hazardous chemicals.
  • Run electrical appliances or use apai, such as using a welding machine / tool.
  • Certain sports such as swimming in swimming pools containing chlorine.
  • Walk in the hot sun.

But remember, the types of glasses used for each of the activities mentioned above are different.

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

You should avoid the habit of rubbing your eyes to remove foreign objects that enter. Because this can cause the eyes to turn red and become irritated. It is better to remove foreign objects that enter the eye by winking or washing your eyes with cold water. If it hasn’t been successful, it’s good to ask for a doctor’s help.

Thus information about tips for maintaining eye health. May be useful! here

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