Tips to Avoid Forgetting

Tips for Avoiding Forgetting – Forgetting is the basic nature possessed by humans. No human has no forget. Because the nature of forgetfulness is basically needed by humans. With grace forget we can eliminate memories and thoughts that are no longer needed. Forgotten is something that is temporary and some are permanent.

Forgetting can be a problem when the intensity is excessive and beyond the limits of reasonableness. That is when the memory is easily forgotten quickly. Forgetting things that should not have been forgotten at the time. Like forgetting to put important items, forget the routine agenda, and others. The nature of forgetting like this of course will be very disturbing. You certainly don’t want your activities to be interrupted because you forgot? Well, for that in the following article wants to share about tips on avoiding forgetting.

Put Everything in Its Place After Activity

Often we are not orderly to put things in the proper place after we move. As a result, we often forget where the items we need when we move. Therefore, make it a habit to act orderly. Place the items in place after the move. So that when you need these items later you don’t need to be confused.

Do Everything Neatly

Not only putting things that must be orderly, doing everything must also be done neatly. Make sure everything is planned and organized neatly. So you can remember the agendas and activities for the activities that will be carried out easily.

Ask Friends and Friends to Always Remind

You can also ask for support from friends and relatives in anticipation of forgetting. Especially the closest people who are always with you. Ask friends and relatives to always remind you. For example for important agendas that you must follow. Tell them about your agenda. Then ask them to remind you later.

Write Everything Neatly

Another tip you need to do to anticipate forgetting is to write everything neatly. Starting from daily agenda checklist, shopping item checklist, luggage and other checklist. This note will really help remind you of things that are considered important and should not be missed.

Take advantage of the Gadget Reminder

Yes, technology was created to facilitate us in various ways. Gadgets are one example of a technological tool utilized to facilitate humans in various matters. Gadgets don’t just make it easy for us to communicate remotely. But, now the gadget is also equipped with various additional features and applications, one of which is riminder.

Well, you can use the reminder on the gadget as a reminder to not forget the agendas to be passed. So, make sure you set up a reminder every day. Write down the work plan and agenda neatly on your gadget reminder. Let technology be your reminder when you forget, ok?

Increase Exercise and Eat Nutritious Foods to Increase Memory

Memory and concentration are strongly influenced by health and fitness conditions. Therefore, make sure your body is always fit. Exercise regularly. So that oxygen is distributed throughout the body, especially the brain. Eat nutritious foods to maintain health and improve memory.

Avoid stress

Stress can also disrupt concentration and memory. Therefore, make sure you avoid stress. Always see something from the positive side. So, you can think clearly in the face of any heavy problems. Well, that’s a simple article about tips to avoid forgetting. May be useful!

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