What’s With Love and Life?

What’s with love? Like one of the most popular and most popular film titles in Indonesia, this is also a lesson to live a life with love. Because humans live in the world need love and are created between men and women to love each other. All the books of all religions in the world have written it like that. Therefore do not underestimatewhat’s wrong with love and our lives in the world. Because it’s the main factor that influences us to get happiness or sadness.


Love is a beauty that cannot be translated with words but an expression of a soul that can translate it. Although a lot of love is spread through words such as poetry, aphorisms or others, it is only a symbol to emphasize that love is real and exists. To prove it must be with the sincerity of the soul and the true heart. Love is making it up, it’s not love. 

What’s with love? Very tight relationship if love is always a problem and a part of our lives. Because love can affect life. Take lessons from someone who has just gotten a love, how do they feel and behave? Surely everything is done only for his love for someone. Even though it is as difficult as any test and the path that he takes, he is certainly willing to do and implement it. Therefore, do not sue the question what is wrong with love in our lives.

Love becomes the benchmark of life

What’s with love will also measure us in living life because indeed love must be in it.We start when we are still in the womb, have got love from our mother. When we are born in the world, we have become dear children who are always guarded and cared for by both parents and the entire family and community around us. When we have entered school, the concern of parents to enter a quality school for us has become a deep love so that we become smart and smart people. In addition, the symbol of the teachers’ teaching boards always pay attention to their students. Especially if we become smart students in it, surely the teacher board will also pay more attention to us. That’s a small part of love that is in our lives.

“Love is only for love”

The phrase we peel in detail will explain the love that becomes the benchmark of life.Love is what we interpret with our daily work or activities that we instill in love. If love is already in it, we certainly do it smoothly without any burden or coercion even if our work or activity is as heavy as anything. Only for love do we interpret the life we ​​live in. If the life we ​​walk is sprinkled and decorated with love, then the results we can get will be colored. Therefore do not ignore an expression of what is with love and life? Anime girl

Some of the things we can about love in life, namely:

  • With love, our lives will be colored and have definite directions and goals.
  • With love, our activities and activities will run vigorously and smoothly.
  • With love, you will get maximum and satisfying results.
  • With love, harmony and calmness will always be in our hearts and souls.
  • With love, heresy and confusion soon disappeared and vanished.

What’s with love in this case leads to a positive aspect of life. All depends on the individual judging the love in his life. Therefore, always think positively and carry out psotif activities in life with positive love too, so that life will always be peaceful and prosperous.


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